How to Choose the Right Child Abuse Lawyer in Texas

Being charged with child abuse is one of the toughest experiences that you are going to go through in your life. While these cases are very serious and every accusation should be treated with respect, we also know that many unsubstantiated allegations can make their way into court. That is why it is so important to choose the right child abuse lawyer in Texas or in the area where you live. Here are four ways to find the perfect attorney.

  1. Find Defense Lawyers in Your State

The first step involves finding all the top defense lawyers in your state. Sure, some of these attorneys may be a little out of your price range. But it is still a good idea to have all of their names. It will give you an indication of the quality that you need to have a favorable case.

  1. Identify the Firms that Take on Cases like Yours

When you have compiled a list of the attorneys in your area, you will get to the business of identifying the ones that handle child abuse cases. Most of the attorneys and law firms will have the necessary information on their website. If the firm has a child abuse lawyer in Texas, they will include information about the types of child abuse defense cases they take on. It is vital that you are partnering with an attorney that has experience with these cases.

Child abuse cases are traumatic for both parties, and involve very sensitive evidence. These cases can involve physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse or sexual assault. Whether your case is one of these items, or a combination, you will need an attorney that knows how to handle such cases.

  1. Have an Introductory Meeting with Three or Four Firms

There is no need to rush into finding representation. Even though you will be panicking at the accusations, now is the moment you need to think clearly. Have a meeting with at least three of the firms or lawyers that you find the most appealing. When you are having such meetings, remember that you must be completely honest with your attorney. The only way you can get an accurate assessment of your chances, and a proper representation of how your attorney will help you, is when you are honest.

  1. Decide Which Firm Can Represent You in the Best Way

The final step is to make a decision. Sometimes you will feel as though there are two attorneys that could do an equally good job. In such cases, it could come down to the attorney who has fewer cases going on right now, or is charging you a lower fee for the case.

Being accused of any crime is tough, but child abuse is a particularly horrifying thing to have next to your name. Do not panic. Many of these cases do not even end up in court. And even if yours does, you will have an attorney who will help get you the verdict that you deserve.

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